Journeys: The Royal Treatment

The waves of Lake Pichola lap against the side of the Gangaur, a replica of the 18th-century barge that carried Udaipur’s royal Singh family between their City Palace on the eastern shore and Lake Palace in the middle of Pichola. The Gangaur glows in the afternoon sun, its dazzling red sails, heavily threaded with gold, […]

Taj’s Palatial Properties

  TAJ LAKE PALACE, UDAIPURSet in the center of Lake Pichola in the desert state of Rajasthan, the Taj Lake Palace is like no other hotel in the world. Marigold-laden vessels take guests to and from the hotel, which consists of 83 guest rooms and suites. Activities include sailing in the Gangaur, a replica of […]

Best of the Best 2005: Private Residence Clubs

Over the past year, no Best of the Best category has grown as quickly as the private residence club has. Companies in this increasingly crowded field promise the benefits of vacation home ownership minus the inconveniences, offering their members access to elegant estates in multiple locations at a fraction of the cost of a single […]