Suzanne Stephens

City Lights

“Richard Neutra told me long ago that architecture must keep up with the times,” says David L. Davies, the owner of a taut, planar, white stucco house that Neutra designed in San Francisco. “When I bought the place in 1970,” recalls Davies, a former advertising executive, “I decided to subdivide it horizontally into two duplex […]

Furnishings: Still Glowing After All These Years

To design aficionados, one of the more seductive features of the 1996 movie Ransom was not Mel Gibson but the exotic, sleek maple dining table and credenza in his character’s home. The same dining table played a major role in the gangster’s lair in The Mask, the 1994 Jim Carrey film. The furniture that is […]

Draped in Splendor

Manhattanite Jean-Marie Lusk had an unusual request for her interior designer. “I want to be able to walk out of my apartment wearing my curtains,” she told Samuel Botero. Of course, she was exaggerating, but only slightly. She wanted her curtains “to look like ball gowns,” and Botero obliged. All of the windows of her […]