Terrence Fagan

Smoke: Combustion Chamber

One of the showcase apartments in New York’s new Time Warner Center includes a room dedicated to indulgence. Nestled among the clubby chairs are cabinets devoted to wine, liquor, and cigars. Iris prints of abstracted smoke rings by Donald Sultan adorn the walls, echoed by a smoke ring–themed carpet made by Beauvais. “We called it […]

Smoke: And the Ban Played On

It is a typical evening at Lexington Bar and Books on Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side, and the bar is awash in cool jazz and crowds of stylish men and women enjoying cocktails and Cabernets. However, something seems amiss. At the end of the bar, two young women, between sips of wine and bouts of […]

Smoke: Hold the Smokes

You are not sure exactly when it happened. You have always enjoyed cigars—the aroma, the relaxation, the camaraderie. It began with your stocking up on a few select brands, buying them from your favorite tobacconist and during your travels, perhaps on a memorable trip to a country off the Florida Keys. Then one day it […]

Private Rails

As the train rumbled north, the skyscrapers and bridges of Manhattan swiftly fell away. The steel rails unspooled beneath the car’s elegant carriage, scrolling out in parallel for miles toward the horizon. On the left, the Hudson River flowed lazily on, only feet away from the tracks, with the 500-foot cliffs of the New Jersey […]

Smoke: Le Smoking

James K. Polk, the 11th president of the United States, is better remembered for winning the war with Mexico in 1848 than for his sense of style. The cigar-smoking Democrat leaned toward the dour, conservative suits preferred by fellow lawyers of his day. A closer look, though, reveals that Polk did own one trendy item […]