Tom Harack

Golf: Shaping Up

Henry-Griffitts is widely credited with inventing—or at least advancing exponentially—the practice of custom-fitting clubs to individual players and their swing characteristics. Though long a favorite among professionals and low handicappers, the Henry-Griffitts brand has remained below the radar of more casual players. The low profile was fine with its founders—a pair of teaching pros who […]

Golf: Denmark’s the Spot

Thanks in part to native PGA stars like Thomas Bjørn, golf is booming in Denmark. The Scandinavian country of almost 6 million residents boasts more than 170,000 registered golfers, and the number of courses in the Danish Golf Union has grown to 181, with nearly a dozen new clubs opening last year alone. Denmark’s many […]

Best of the Best 2007: Golf: Punta Espada

Punta Espada No golf course can be all things to all players, but Punta Espada, which opened last fall on the Dominican Republic’s eastern shore, comes remarkably close. The first of three courses Jack Nicklaus is building at the massive Cap Cana resort, Punta Espada sits atop a spectacular landform defined by high bluffs and […]

Golf: Bear Necessities

When presented with a visually arresting landscape for a golf course, some designers respond with a byzantine layout that is more frustrating than it is thought-provoking. But in building the new Punta Espada course, which opened in November at the Cap Cana resort in the Dominican Republic, Jack Nicklaus refrained from gimmickry, relying instead on […]

Golf: Greener Pastures

Many golfers have surveyed the glacial pace of play ahead of them and fantasized about building their own courses. Few have acted on the notion, and fewer still have done so on the elaborate scale wrought by businessman and auto-racing magnate Gerald Forsythe.   Forsythe’s Canyata (a Native American word meaning “backwoods” and pronounced can-YAY-tuh) […]