The Promises of Stem Cells

Stem cells are the body’s “master” cells. They have two unique abilities: They can proliferate virtually without limit to produce an essentially infinite supply of their unspecialized cellular selves, and they can differentiate to produce any other cell types that can be used to repair or replace worn-out or damaged tissues. Combine those two superpowers, […]

A Doctor’s Prescription for the Primary Care Visit

Bernard Katz, MD, a UCLA primary-care physician, discusses how simple communication strategies can ensure that patients get the most from each visit. The abundance of health information on websites, social media and other sources has changed the nature of doctor-patient interactions. Today, when patients visit their primary-care physician, they are much more likely to bring […]

UCLA Health: A Bacterial Wolf in Viral Sheep’s Clothing

In a new UCLA study, researchers, led by Robert L. Modlin, MD, chief of dermatology, demonstrate that certain bacteria can pretend to be viruses when infecting humans, allowing them to hijack the body’s immune response so that they can hide inside our cells. The findings may also help explain how viral infections like the flu make […]

UCLA Health: Redirect Wasted Healthcare Dollars to Transform America

The national Institute of Medicine estimates that $750 billion is lost each year to wasteful or excessive healthcare spending. This sum includes excess administrative costs, inflated prices, unnecessary services and fraud – dollars that add no value to health and well-being. If those wasteful costs could be corralled without sacrificing healthcare quality, how might that money […]