Scott Hill Returns to Los Angeles Scene

Like Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco, Mitchells in Greenwich, and Jeffrey in New York, Scott Hill has been an iconic retailer in Los Angeles for more than 20 years. So it came as somewhat of a surprise three years ago when the style-savvy store owner shuttered his Sunset Boulevard shop to take what appeared to […]

Wardrobe: Bravura, and Then Some

Gianni Agnelli, the late Italian industrialist, was renowned for his distinctive sense of style, and he is still an important inspiration for countless tailors, including a young Italian named Valentino Ricci. Ricci began studying Agnelli’s wardrobe by looking at television news clips and magazine photos, and in 2002 modeled the prototype of his tailored clothing […]

Wardrobe: The Deconstructionist

When Eddia Mirharooni was an architect in his native Iran, he designed an innovative suspended roof that appeared to float above the walls on sheets of glass. That blueprint brought him top honors at a prestigious design competition, along with a position at a Los Angeles architectural firm. Now, more than three decades after Mirharooni […]

Home: Fancy That

Christopher Guy calls Singapore home; his furniture creations, however, seem to exist in a fantasy world. “I designed an Alice in Wonderland–inspired chair a couple of years ago and really didn’t think there would be much interest in it, but it turned out to be one of my best-selling pieces,” says the 50-year-old British-born designer. […]

Wardrobe: Solid Footing

When Ben Hogan was at the top of his game in the early 1950s, the American golf professional used to say that the secret to his winning swing was not so much in the wrist as it was “in the dirt.” What Hogan did not disclose was that his golf shoes, custom-made by Maxwell of […]

A New Take on Tailored

While David Schottenstein was away at boarding school in Venice, Italy, he spent his free time frequenting stores like Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna, where he cultivated his love for fine clothing. Now the 27-year-old entrepreneur, whose family started the DSW store chain, has launched Nobility, a tailored clothing collection that Schottenstein describes as heavy […]

Wardrobe: Revival of the Fittest

Massimo Sforza’s new line of clothing allows you to appear fit, trim, and stylish, even if you are carrying a few extra pounds. The 42-year-old former Brioni designer created his comprehensive collection for men of his vintage who enjoy sophisticated detailing and still want to wear contemporary, body-slimming cuts. “There’s always been this divide between […]

Wardrobe: Youth Couture

In the winter of 2008, more than a year after he took over as chief executive officer of Kiton, Antonio De Matteis set out on a two-month European road trip to visit the continent’s better men’s stores. He was in search of an idea that would enable him to put his own imprint on the […]

Retro Revival

Edward VIII, the late Duke of Windsor, once offered that “brown in town should never been seen” in reference to the true gentleman’s wardrobe. Such looks, he intimated, should be limited to the countryside, where they blend appropriately with the outdoor landscape. Although such suppositions have long been abandoned in modern fashion circles, American suit […]

Holland & Holland: Back to British Basics

During his time, Henry Holland was known for wearing a particular caramel-and- beige nail-head tweed that, like the familiar tartan check at Burberry, ultimately became the signature cloth at Holland & Holland, the venerable British men’s shooting and country clothing label Holland founded in 1835. Over the years and through multiple ownerships the luxury brand, […]

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