Winston Goodfellow

When the Carrozzerias Were Kings

For much of the 20th century, Italy’s independent coachbuilders set the design trends that the world’s automakers followed. Filippo Sapino, former design chief of Ghia, once compared the creations of his firm and Italy’s other coachbuilders, or carrozzerias, to Italian cuisine. “With a few simple ingredients,” he told me, “we can make something extraordinary.” The […]

Prancing Horse Trading

If you owned one of the world’s most coveted cars, one of the only three dozen Ferrari 250 GTOs ever made, what would it take for you to willingly part with it? Would the chance to acquire another 250 GTO plus 20 other Ferraris of various vintages be sufficient enticement? Early last year, a Northern […]

Icons & Innovators: Ferrari: Custom Coachwork

Because the company had won races from its earliest days in 1947, Ferrari became the chassis of choice throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. Designers and coachbuilders showcased their wares and could be certain they would catch the attention of the press and public alike. Custom coachwork Ferraris from that era remain rolling sculptures. Some […]

Icons & Innovators: Ferrari: Beautiful Beast

To discover why Ferrari ranks among the top automobile brands in the world, we traveled to Italy and spent time with two men: the son of company founder Enzo Ferrari and the designer, Sergio Pininfarina, who helped make Enzo’s marque famous. Engines have captivated the 60-year-old Piero Ferrari for as long as he can remember. […]

Wheels: Vantage Point

On the roads of Gaydon, England, prototypes of the Aston Martin AM V8 Vantage motor around town, undergoing various tests to eliminate every existing kink. Company insiders call the stealthy two-seat sports car Project 305, an unassuming designation for a machine that promises merely to shake Aston Martin upside down and inside out, ushering the […]

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