Aviation Management Companies

To be considered among the best providers of aviation-management services, a company must excel in a number of ways. However, to be chosen for Robb Report’s Best of the Best list, a company must also have attributes that are known throughout the industry. So for our purposes, size matters. It is true that there are many “jewels” operating across the United States—smaller aviation-management firms whose reputations are not known nationally. Because the aviation-management industry is currently very dynamic, the members of the Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board expect that, a year from now, many new or smaller companies operating in this market will be considered for inclusion in the next Best of the Best list. This year, however, we recognize Executive Jet Management, Jet Aviation, and Clay Lacy Aviation for excelling in ways that are beneficial to their customers—and for doing so consistently over many years.

Executive Jet Management (EJM) has experienced steady growth since its inception, thanks in large part to the stability of its owners and its solid infrastructure. EJM has also developed redundant, customer-focused systems and procedures to heighten safety. And though these systems decrease certain flexibilities, they do provide consistent and reliable levels of customer service. Furthermore, EJM benefits greatly from its affiliation with NetJets, which allows it to obtain discounts in the marketplace and to maintain extensive vendor relationships worldwide.

Jet Aviation’s (JA) recent acquisition by General Dynamics will undoubtedly propel the Zurich-based aviation-management company’s future growth. JA already has worldwide reach and capability through its affiliates, and, unlike other aircraft-management companies, boasts an entire premier interior-completion division, with facilities in St. Louis, Mo., and Basel, Switzerland. In addition, JA enjoys an already established relationship with its new corporate cousin, Gulfstream (also owned by General Dynamics), which further enhances its prestige in the competitive aviation management industry.

Over the years, Clay Lacy has been the subject of many industry articles that retell the larger-than-life aviator’s dynamic story. Within the aviation-management industry, the company that bears his name, Clay Lacy Aviation (CLA), is as notable as the man himself. Though not as large as Executive Jet Management or Jet Aviation, CLA has a national reputation that is unsurpassed. The firm boasts a long list of customers for whom it has provided aircraft management and charter services during the past four decades. Without question, private air travelers and the aviation industry as a whole have come to expect consistently high levels of service, flexibility, reliability, and safety from this Van Nuys, Calif.–based company.

Companies listed in alphabetical order

Company Clay Lacy Aviation

Founded 1968

Headquarters Van Nuys, Calif.

FBO Locations Van Nuys, Seattle, Denver

Services Maintenance, charter, and insurance

Contact 800.423.2904, www.claylacy.com

Company Executive Jet Management

Founded 1964

Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio

FBO Locations Cincinnati, Ohio

Services Maintenance, charter, and concierge

Contact 800.451.2822, www.executivejetmanagement.com

Company Jet Aviation

Founded 1967

Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland

FBO Locations More than 25 airport facilities, including 16 FBOs on four continents

Services Maintenance, charter, and sales

Contact 201.288.8400, www.jetaviation.com