BMW 750Li

With a red-carpet body, old-world luxury, and new-millennium handling, BMW’s fifth-generation 7 Series restores the luster to the marque’s flagship model. And the premium version, the BMW 750Li (www.bmwusa.com), has a little more of everything, including

a wheelbase that is 5.5 inches longer than the 750i’s. Technology in the 750Li is abundant but not mind-numbing. Features include a big-screen media center with Internet access; the requisite suspension and stability controls, plus mild rear-wheel steering; and a brilliant head-up display that supplies the distance to and direction of the next course change. A 400 hp V-8 moves the 2.3-ton 750Li with grace and pace, helping to launch the $86,325 sedan back on top of that heap reserved for buyers concerned with their community standing and wisdom of choice.