Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus SR22 (800.790.2933, www.cirrusaircraft.com) is the best-selling single-engine piston aircraft, and that is not just because of its built-in parachute and sweetly appointed cabin. Rather, it is because Cirrus continues to add attractive new features and options that respond to the needs of its customers. Its latest is an upgraded “weeping-wing” system for coping with icy conditions. Called Known Ice Protection, the technology enables pilots to fly more safely and more often in winter.

The SR22’s cockpit now features an enhanced-vision system that uses infrared technology to provide a clear view outside, even when visibility is poor. Expanded design options let buyers choose from various interior upgrades and paint schemes.

Cirrus also sticks with its customers long after it hands them the keys. The company offers customized support packages that include access to training, mentor pilots, a professional flight crew, and maintenance and management services.

The SR22 GTS-X starts at $544,950. The same model with a turbo boost that delivers faster speeds at higher altitudes starts at $613,350.