Destination Club: Exclusive Resorts

By early 2009, most destination clubs had either merged with other clubs, filed for bankruptcy, dramatically changed their travel policies, or some combination of the three. But Exclusive Resorts—which launched in 2002 and acquired several of its properties well before the peak in real estate values—has held firm to its commitments to members and has solidified its position as the leader in the destination-club industry.

Despite the ailing economy, Exclusive Resorts added 94 new properties in the last 18 months, including eight villas at the Miraval destination spa in Tucson, Ariz., and 20 villas at Georgia’s Sea Island resort. To compensate for a slowdown in membership sales, the company closed some less popular residences, but its overall portfolio grew to more than 400 homes in 37 locations.

Exclusive Resorts’ some 3,400 members continue to enjoy such services as the club’s Once in a Lifetime experiences, which include guided trips to Patagonia, Provence, and other destinations where the club does not maintain residences. Current membership plans range from 10 nights per year for a $160,000 deposit and $13,900 in annual dues, to 60 nights for $500,000 plus $59,900 in annual dues.

Exclusive Resorts, 866.863.2688, www.exclusiveresorts.com