In the world of top-tier diamonds, Leviev (212.763.5300) stands apart as one of the few entirely vertical operations: The jeweler owns diamond mines in Russia, Namibia, and Angola; cutting and polishing facilities in Israel, New York, and Russia; and luxury boutiques in London, New York, Dubai, and Moscow. These resources give the firm unrivaled access not only to some of the best diamonds mined anywhere, but also to important collectors and clients in three key markets. The scope of the company’s capabilities is reflected in the quality and ingenuity of its newest pieces. A pink floral ring about the size of a large strawberry, for example, features a 1.07-carat fancy intense green diamond surrounded by five rose-gold petals mounted with 290 pink diamonds. In addition to its spectacular range of colored diamonds, the house also offers an expanded selection of colorless stones in its Teardrop collection, an ensemble of D-flawless pear-shaped diamonds ranging in size from 3 to 30 carats.