Long-Range: Dassault Falcon 900EX

For many years, Dassault’s line of Falcon jets enjoyed a certain mystique among pilots. The Falcons were nimble and quick, while many of their competitors tended to handle like trucks. Today, other manufacturers have mostly caught up with Dassault in this regard, but the Falcon line still appeals to those who appreciate truly elegant engineering. The wings on the Dassault Falcon 900EX, for example, are computer-designed to minimize drag. They feature leading-edge slats plus double-slotted Fowler flaps on their trailing edges for maximum performance under a wide range of conditions.

The 900EX’s unusual three-engine design provides plenty of power to enhance performance at high-altitude airports, and improves maneuverability on short runways. All that power translates to exceptional climb capability. The third engine also means added redundancy, for extra safety. The engines operate efficiently: The 900EX cruises at 571 mph for up to 5,178 miles nonstop—the farthest in its class.

Falcon owners often develop a strong brand loyalty, for all the obvious reasons: The aircraft are roomy and efficient to operate, and Dassault’s service-and-support network is strong. Furthermore, the $38.65 million 900EX—like all Falcon jets—holds its value well, which is important in today’s tricky resale market.

Dassault Falcon, 201.440.6700, www.dassaultfalcon.com