Midsize: Hawker 900XP

The spacious Hawker 900XP is a popular choice worldwide with fractional programs and flight departments, and it has been gaining attention from some operators ready to “right-size” from bigger jets. These individuals are realizing that midsize jets can accomplish most missions more cost-effectively than larger models. Hawker launched the 900XP in 2007 with new engines (developed by Honeywell specifically for this model) that give the aircraft a longer range and more aggressive climb performance than its older sibling, the 850XP. Furthermore, these engines deliver greater fuel efficiency than those on the 850XP, and they can go longer between scheduled maintenance stops, which Hawker says lowers operating costs by roughly 6 percent.

The 900XP can fly nonstop between any two cities in the United States, or from New York to London. To help make those long trips comfortable, the spacious cabin can be custom-?decorated with hand-built furniture from Hawker’s design center in Little Rock, Ark. The layout includes a galley with space for a microwave, plus baggage storage that is accessible during flight—a feature that passengers will appreciate on longer journeys. The $15.4 million 900XP typically accommodates nine passengers.

Hawker Beechcraft, 316.676.0800, www.hawkerbeechcraft.com