Performance Tuner: Shelby GT 500 Super Snake

Sometimes factory stock is not enough. For Carroll Shelby, it has never been, at least not since he introduced his first G.T.350 in 1965. Now the Las Vegas–based Shelby Automobiles will transform a 2007 or 2008 Ford Shelby GT 500 into a Shelby Super Snake. These are aggressive cars; the mildest upgrade for a coupe or convertible features a supercharged 605 hp engine with a warranty ($29,495 plus the cost of the stock car). The 725 hp package ($33,495, only available for the coupe) comes sans warranty but with even more bragging rights.

Each upgrade includes a specific exhaust system, a 6-speed transmission with a short-throw shifter and a 3.73:1 rear-axle ratio, a Ford Racing suspension package, improved braking components, and 20-inch Shelby-Alcoa forged-aluminum wheels. Numerous cosmetic enhancements inside and out complete the transformation.

Drive a Super Snake and you might experience your own transformation, morphing—like the cartoon character in drivers-education films from the era of the first Shelby—from the docile canine Pluto into a speed-crazed wolf.

Shelby Automobiles, 702.942.7325, www.shelbyautos.com