Sharp Limited Edition Aquos LCD TV Series

Wth a 2.4-inch profile, the televisions in the Sharp Limited Edition Aquos LCD TV Series (800.237.4277, www.sharpusa.com) incorporate seamlessly and unobtrusively into most interiors. Though these TVs can be used in home theaters, they are probably better suited for stand-alone applications throughout the home. An external terminal box with five full high-definition inputs can connect wirelessly to the monitors, and a built-in sound bar delivers remarkable audio, often eliminating the need for auxiliary speakers. The series also proves that LCDs can produce pictures similar in quality to those of plasma display panels. The screens utilize light-emitting diodes, which many consider to be the next step in display-panel technology. These diodes provide a more efficient lighting engine, with deeper blacks and more vivid colors than standard LCDs. The Limited Edition Aquos LCD TV Series is available from select Sharp dealers in 52- and 65-inch models, priced at $12,000 and $16,000, respectively.