Super Midsize: Bombardier Challenger 300

Bombardier’s Challenger 300 has a range of 3,564 miles, perfect for travel between locations in North America. Its competitive price of $20.8 million, its roomy cabin, and its zesty performance have made this super midsize jet a favorite among private-jet travelers. Since Bombardier delivered the first Challenger 300 in 2004, the plane has become popular with fractional providers and corporate flight departments as well.

Bombardier built the 300 from the ground up to meet the needs of intra-continental travelers. In fact, the company performed market research for two years prior to designing this model, to determine what potential customers wanted and needed in a jet. Judging from the end product, it appears that those surveyed wanted just about everything. The 300 delivers power and performance, top-of-the-line technology, and, above all, comfort. Double-club seating for up to nine in a cabin that is roughly 7 feet wide and 29 feet long makes the 300 stand out in its class.

Bombardier, 514.861.9481, www.bombardier.com