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The 15 Best Travel Trailers for Camping and Road-Tripping Adventures

Spending time alone, or with a few select others, in nature has never been more enjoyable thanks to these trailers.

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition on the road

Living in the time of Covid-19 has changed how we all think and act—especially when we’re away from home. It has also reminded some of us how nice it can be to travel without stepping foot in a frenzied airport. With the right travel trailer you can easily leave the city behind without having to deal with anyone other than your nearest and dearest. Today’s caravans are nothing like those you probably rode in as a kid. Not only do they actually look good, but they’re packed with enough luxury features that you’ll feel right at home, no matter where you are.

We’re also at the point where there’s a trailer for practically every kind of camper, regardless what vehicle they drive. If you’re the kind of person who likes the classics, there’s multiple aluminum-sided Airstream and Bowlus models to choose from. Want to bring as much of your home on the road with you? How about Living Vehicle or Land Ark’s mammoth condos on wheels. There are also caravans you can take off-road with your 4×4 and ultra-light and compact models you can tow with an EV. Some can even be turned into a mobile office, if you want to mix work and play. Below, 15 travel trailer that will allow you to take to the road in just about any way you can imagine.

Our Best Travel Trailer Picks

Best Overall Travel Trailer

Airstream Globetrotter

Airstream Globetrotter
Airstream Globetrotter

One brand leaps to mind when most of us think about travel trailers—Airstream. Its iconic aluminum-sided caravans have been instrumental in popularizing road trips and camping in the US for decades. One need only look at the company’s Globetrotter model to see why: In addition to looking beautiful, the silver-covered caravan is packed with creature comforts to keep you traveling comfortably. It’s not the brand’s largest model—that would be the flagship Classic—but it’s available with one of six different floor plans, each of which has room for a spacious entertainment area (that can sleep up to four adults).

Inside you’ll find a full-featured kitchen, half-bathroom, shower and sizable bedroom with either a queen-sized bed or two twins. As you would expect from Airstream, the amenities are top-rate, too, like Franke faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel appliances, Quietstream climate control system and multiple LG LED TVs. The Globetrotter starts at $120,000. If it doesn’t fit the bill, the brand has plenty of other models to choose from, including collaboration editions like the extra-homey Pottery Barn Edition or their ultra-rare Supreme edition.

Airstream Globetrotter
Inside the Globetrotter Airstream

Special Features:
—There are different floor plans to choose from, each of which features a full kitchen, half bathroom and dedicated shower.
—The Quietstream climate control system barely makes a peep, even when the heater or A/C is running.
—A built-in canopy provides shade when you want to spend time outside.

Best Travel Trailer for Luxury Lovers

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition

The Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition from the side
Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition Bowlus

It may not be the most famous shiny caravan maker—that would be Airstream—but Bowlus is the company that gave us the first riveted travel trailer. The company, which was revived in 2014, knows not to mess with a good thing, so its well-regarded trailers—like our favorite, the Endless Highways Performance Edition—look just like those it produced in the 1930s, only bigger and with better materials (think: alclad aluminum for the exterior and birchwood for the interior).

Despite its classic look, the $225,000 trailer has all the conveniences you expect in 2022, including heat and air-conditioning systems, a WiFi modem and plenty of outlets for charging all your smart devices. Best of all, though, might be a lithium iron phosphate that gives you the ability to live off the grid for two peaceful weeks. If you’re an animal lover, there’s also the Terra Firma, which features a bunch of Fido-friendly features like a built-in food bowl, pet bed and remote temperature control system.

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition
Endless Highways Performance Edition Bowlus

Special Features: 
—Thee’s a double-sided indoor galley and an outdoor cooking area with electric and propane outlets.
—The hotel-style shower has teak flooring and seating.
—Lithium iron phosphate power system can keep the entire trailer running for up to two weeks.

Best Travel Trailer for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EX-6 Off-Road Trailer
Bruder EXP-6 Bruder

There’s spending a few days at a mild-mannered campground, and then there’s really roughing it. If your idea of a good time leans towards the latter, the Bruder EXP-6 is probably what you’re looking for. The Australian-designed trailer, which starts at $68,000, has a heavy-duty suspension that allows it to tackle just about any terrain, no matter how treacherous. The caravan has a rough-and-tumble design that more closely resembles that of a combat vehicle than something you’d take on a weekend jaunt with the family. Despite this, the EXP-6 opens up to reveal an elegant and modern interior cabin with a full bathroom, loads of storage space and an adjustable roof that increases sleeping capacity from four to six (possibly more if you have the kids with you). Outside the trailer, you’ll find a slide-out kitchen with everything you need to prepare a full meal. Roof-mounted solar panels, meanwhile, should provide more than enough juice to keep the climate control system and flat screen TV going.

Inside the Bruder EX-6
Inside the Bruder EX-6 Bruder

Special Features:
—A pop-up roof provides extra sleeping space at night, and lowers when you’re on the move.
—All-terrain tires and special suspension system mean it’s ready for off-road camping.
—A slide-out kitchenette opens up room for six adults to sleep.

Best Travel Trailer to Live In

Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle Trailer
Living Vehicle Trailer Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Matthew Hofmann’s Living Vehicle trailers aren’t just for a weekend in the woods; they’re for actually living there. The chrome, shoe box-shaped trailer offers everything you would want from a New York apartment, with basically the same square footage. Costing $230,000, the former architect’s trailers have it all—outsized windows, a skylight, spa-style bathroom, washing machine and a roof-top solar system allowing for off-the-grid living. And because everyone’s idea of what makes the perfect home is their own, each unit is fully customizable

Living Vehicle 2021
Inside the Living Vehicle Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Special Features:
—A pull-out balcony opens up the trailer on nice days.
—The spa-like bathroom will make you forget you’re staying on a campground.
—There’s an onboard washing machine. Enough said.

Best Travel Trailer for Entertaining

Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out

Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out
Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out Tabbert/Facebook

The Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out may look like the trailer of your youth on the outside, but that’s where the similarities stop. Open up the side door of the sizable German model and you’ll find it’s as luxurious as the most decked-out rock star tour bus, only a little more tasteful. Starting at $83,425, the trailer’s spacious and glossy interior features a full-sized kitchen, comfortable living area and a bedroom with more than enough room for a queen-sized mattress and a gorgeous wood and steel-decorated bathroom. Also, as the name hints, it features a slide out section that makes the trailer’s already deceptively large living area even larger.

Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out
Inside the Tabbert Cellini Slide-Out Tabbert

Special Features:
—A slide-out section mean’s there’s room for a full-sized kitchen and bar.
—A luxurious wood-and-steel interior looks more like a hotel room than the inside of a caravan.
—The master bedroom has enough room for a queen-size mattress.

Best Travel Trailer for Going Off-the-Grid

Escapod Topo2

Escapod Topo2
Escapod Topo2 Escapod

The Escapod Topo2 is a trailer for anyone looking to take their camping trip off road with minimal fuss. The brand’s update of the classic teardrop trailer is an off-road-friendly model without any of the bulk. Unlike most of the trailers on this list, Escapod’s bedroom and kitchen area are separated from one another. The dedicated sleeping area has room for a queen-size mattress and is equipped with a stargazer window so you can really take in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. The galley, meanwhile, is only accessible from outside the $39,500 trailer, but has ample counter space for meal prep and cooking. Both sections get their power from a VPR 4EVER lithium ion battery with some solar panels to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Escapod Topo2
Inside the Topo2 Escapod

Special Features:
—Exterior is made from a single-piece of composite fiberglass that is rugged and weather-resistant.
—Laser-cut tube steel frame should last for years.
—Bedroom’s stargazer window offers up a beautiful view of your surroundings.

Best Travel Trailer for Tech Obsessives

Retreat Cabin and OzXcorp’s ERV

The Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp's ERV Electric Camper
The Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp’s ERV ERV

It was only a matter of time until the electric revolution made its way to the world of trailers and campers. Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp’s ERV is a rugged trailer that also happens to run entirely on battery power. Roof-mounted solar panels provide juice for a 14.3-kWh lithium battery that keeps the trailer’s many appliances running. And while the trailer is perfectly equipped for some off-road fun, thanks to a specially tuned suspension and all-terrain tires, it also packs all of the comforts of a luxe hotel room inside, including a bathroom, spacious seating area and master bedroom suite with a king-sized bed and closets. But the true highlight may be the $75,000 caravan’s full-size kitchen, which features an induction cooktop, fridge and washing machine. There’s also a Weber electric barbecue and slow cooker for making your meals outdoors.

The interior of the ERV electric cabin
Inside the Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp’s ERV Electric Camper ERV

Special Features:
—Solar panels and 14.3-kWh battery power the trailer and let you go off grid.
—A specially tuned suspension and large all-terrain tires let you go off-road.
—The primary bedroom has enough room for a king-size bed and its own closets.

Best Travel Trailer for Stylish Trips

Eriba Touring 820

Eriba Touring 820
Eriba Touring 820 Eriba

Are you looking for an aluminum-sided trailer that looks like more than just another Airstream or Bowlus’s rip-off? If so, the Eriba Touring 820 might fit the bill. The company’s top-of-the-line caravan updates the classic silver bullet look with a retro-futuristic shape and details. Even more impressive, though, is the 27-foot-trailer’s interior. The company has packed it full of luxury amenities like a sizable, leather-covered lounge area (that can be converted into a bed), customizable mood lighting and a surprisingly fashionable bathroom. The true highlight, though, is a bedroom with a large panoramic window that offers up a gorgeous views of your surroundings. That’s good, too, since you might not actually want to leave the $88,500 trailer.

Eriba Touring 820
Inside the Touring 820 Eriba

Special Features:
—The kitchen has a mini wine cellar for keeping your best bottles at the ready.
—The leather-upholstered entertainment area can be converted into an additional sleeping area at night.
—Adjustable mood lighting will help you feel at home no matter where you are.

Best Travel Trailer for Families

Land Ark Drake

The Land Ark Drake
The Land Ark Drake Land Ark

Almost more of a portable house than a trailer, the Land Ark Drake basically lets you take all the comforts of home on the road. The gigantic, yet stylish, two-level, 357-square-feet trailer can comfortably sleep seven adults. Stark and modern on the outside, the trailer features an equally clean white-washed pine and black metal decorated interior. Across its two floors, it has room for a full-sized kitchen, living room and bathroom (which includes a bathtub), along with two loft bedrooms and an office which can also be converted to a sleeping area. Its $139,000 starting price may sound a lot for a trailer, but for a two-story house on wheels it’s not that bad.

Inside the The Land Ark Drake
Inside the The Land Ark Drake Land Ark

Special Features:
—The two-level design means you have 357-square-feet of space.
—Downstairs bathroom includes a tub for when you need to take a relaxing soak.
—It has a primary bedroom and two loft-style sleeping areas.

Best Travel Trailer for EV Owners

Polydrops P17A

Polydrops P17A trailer
Polydrops P17A trailer Polydrops

The Polydrops’s P17A is a high-tech trailer designed specifically to be pulled by an electric vehicle. This starts with its angular, teardrop exterior. Looking more like a space pod than a caravan, this design helps keep weight down to a feather-light 1,200 pounds, making it easier to tow. Also helping is a unique power system specifically designed to ease stress on your EV, be it a car, SUV or truck. That power setup suits another purpose, though, as it provides more than enough juice for six days of off-grid living. Although it is more streamlined than some of the other options on this list, the $36,000 model includes a climate control system, a full-size bed, warm LED lighting and an optional kitchenette for preparing meals. The gull-wing doors are pretty cool, too.

Polydrops P17A trailer
Inside the Polydrops P17A Polydrops

Special Features:
—A solar-assisted lithium-iron-phosphate power system reduces stress on an EV’s powertrain.
—It has enough juice to run for six days off the grid, even if you are using the climate control system.
—Gull-wing-style doors and rear hatch can be left open on a nice day.

Best Travel Trailer for Beginners

Colorado Teardrops Boulder

Colorado Teardrops Boulder travel trailer
Colorado Teardrops Boulder travel trailer Colorado Teardrops/YouTube

There are EV-friendly trailers and then there’s Colorado Teardrops’s Boulder. Not only is the company’s latest designed to be towed by a battery-powered SUV or truck, it can also charge your EV’s battery. That ability comes courtesy a 75-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in DC fast charger that will give you some much needed peace of mind out on the open road. At the very least, it gives you the freedom to come up with a route centered around sights instead of charging stations. Aside from this very vital feature, the compact caravan has everything two adults and two children need to live off the grid for a for a few days, including a comfortable queen-sized mattress, two bunk beds (for the kids), an enclosed kitchenette and an optional climate control system. The $55,000 trailer also comes in a variety of two-tone color schemes that all look pretty sharp.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder travel trailer
Inside the Boulder Colorado Teardrops/YouTube

Special Features:
—Doesn’t just ease the burden on your EV’s battery; it can charge it, too.
—A unique bunk-bed design creates room for four people to sleep (two adults and two children).
—The enclosed kitchenette has plenty of counter space.

Best Travel Trailer for Couples

Hunter Nature Raptor XC

Hunter Nature Raptor XC
Hunter Nature Raptor XC Hunter Nature

A big trailer can be a godsend on the campground, especially if you’re traveling with family or friends. The problem, of course, is getting the hulking vehicle there. No matter how experienced the driver, maneuvering a large caravan can be very tricky. Luckily there are trailers like Hunter Nature’s Raptor XC. The brand’s angular model looks compact but features a pull-out section that just about doubles the size of its interior. When it’s fully extended you’ll have more than enough room for a dedicated living area, kitchen and bedroom. This will come in handy if there’s more than two in your traveling party, too. That’s because the $44,000 trailer’s entertainment area can easily be converted into an additional sleeping area at night.

The Hunter Nature Raptor XC's main living area and slide-out bedroom
Inside the Raptor XC Hunter Nature

Special Features:
—An expanding segment turns this trailer into a multi-room cabin.
—The bedroom has a large skylight so you can see the stars at night.
—A spacious lounge can be converted into an additional sleeping area if you need more room.

Best Travel Trailer for Roughing It

Taxa Mantis

The exterior of the Taxa Mantis
Taxa Mantis Taxa

It can be hard to find a trailer that fits everyone’s needs, but the Taxa Mantis comes close. Its no-nonsense design means it fits with nearly anyone’s style. Thanks to a pop-up roof section, ingenious use of space and plenty of storage compartments, the Mantis has all the room you and your friends and family need to camp in comfort, which can be crucial on longer trips. It’s also got all the necessary features, including a bathroom with a built-in shower, water heater, kitchenette and 8,000 BTU air conditioner. The trailer, which starts at $46,000, is ideal for off-roading, but there’s a special Overland edition if you want something even more rugged.

Inside the Taxa Mantis
Inside the Taxa Mantis Taxa

Special Features:
—A pop-up roof means you don’t have to sleep in the kitchen if you don’t want to.
—There’s a built-in water heater and climate control system with a 8,000 BTU air conditioner.
—It comes with a built-in canopy for outdoor hangouts.

Best Travel Trailer Under 5,000 Pounds

Happier Camper HC1

The exterior of the Happier Camper HC1
Happier Camper HC1 Happier Camper

Imagine if you didn’t need a truck or SUV to tow your trailer. You don’t if the caravan in question is Happier Camper’s compact HC1. The Los Angeles-based outfit’s smallest model is as light as they come, with a dry weight of just 1,100 pounds, meaning it can be towed by practically any car, even a modern-day Mini Cooper. It features a semi-modular interior designed by Adaptiv that can be customized to fit your camping style—components snap in like Legos—with either a full kitchen or enough sleeping room for up to five people. You can even add solar panels if you want to go off the grid. The $34,450 trailer’s old-school design is also sure to stand out on practically any campground. Even better, no pickups needed.

Inside the Happier Camper HC1
Inside the Happier Camper HC1 Happier Camper

Special Features:
—At only 1,100 pounds, it can be towed by just about any car.
—The semi-modular floor plan allows you to arrange the interior to accommodate your camping style.
—The larger rear hatch opens up space when you are entertaining.

Best Travel Trailer for Tesla Fans

Tesla Cybertruck Trailer

Tesla Cybertruck Trailer
Tesla Cybertruck Trailer Tesla

Wait, the Cybertruck is a pickup, right? Yes it is, but Elon Musk has also revealed that the company is developing on a matching trailer for its battery-electric truck, or, as he put it, a “sick attachment.” As with many of the CEO’s bolder announcements, details are still scarce, but the Cybertruck’s 14,000-pound towing capacity suggests it will be sizable and well-stocked. But if the idea of dragging an angular trailer behind your pickup sounds cumbersome, the EV maker is also working on a self-contained camper configuration. Based on renders, this add-on will include a pop-up tent, extra seating and a kitchenette-area.

Tesla Cybertruck camper
Courtesy of Tesla

Special Features:
—No final design has been unveiled, but you can bet it will match the Cybertruck perfectly.
—It’s likely to have a battery system that will help aid (or even charge) your EV.
—Tesla is also working on a similar camper attachment for its battery-powered pickup.

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