Fonseca Casa Magna Colorado

Photo by Richard Carleton Hacker

Characteristics A rich, sweet, raisiny smoke with a cocoa aroma, and deep, wet earthy flavors. This is definitely an evening cigar. Insider’s Tip Manuel Quesada, one of the Caribbean’s most respected cigar makers, and Nestor Plasencia, the largest tobacco grower in Central America, have combined their best leaf and cigar-rolling talents to create this all-Nicaraguan puro. The mahogany-hued ligero wrapper was achieved by aging the leaf in calfrisas, enclosed, Cuban-style curing barns in which temperature and humidity are electronically controlled. Available in eight sizes, but best showcased in the 6 x 56 Gran Toro. And in case you’re wondering, the Casa Magna name was inspired by the Puerto Vallarta resort where Quesada first smoked his finely crafted cigar. Note Prices are per cigar and average suggested retail and do not reflect local or state taxes.

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