Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Characteristics: A spicy smoke with lots of finesse. Insider’s Tip This is an old Cuban shape that is very difficult to make. Basically, it is a perfecto with a tapered head for easy clipping and an elongated foot for easy lighting. It’s one of the best Cameroon wrappers in the world, packed with a well-finessed Dominican filler. Plus, each year around Father’s Day and Christmas, special limited edition Maduro versions are clandestinely released. Be sure to check with your tobacconist, as these go fast. Named after novelist Ernest Hemingway, the six shapes reflect his career, with names like the 4 ½ x 49-inch-long Short Story, and the 9-inch long Masterpiece. Our all-time favorite is the elegant 7 x 48 Classic. Note Prices are per cigar and average suggested retail and do not reflect local or state taxes.

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