This New Punch Cutter Can Handle Any Size Cigar

The Duocut cigar cutter from Davidoff throws a double-punch knockout…

The proliferation of marblehead parejos and flat-head, box-pressed cigars has created a renewed demand for a reliable, super-sharp punch cutter that will punch, surgically trim, and deftly pluck a flawless round hole in these cigars. (Note that punch cutters are not suitable for pointed, Perfecto-tipped heads).

Many punch cutters leave jagged holes, and no one size can adequately fit the vast variety of ring gauges now on the market. But, finally, the challenge has been met with Davidoff’s new Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter ($199), a discreet, travel-friendly, and robust key-ringed accessory. It features an elongated grooved ring that, twisted one way, produces a razor-sharp cylindrical blade for cigars of 40- to 50-ring gauges. Twist it in the opposite direction and a larger-diameter ring emerges, suitable for cigars of 50- to 70-ring gauges. In other words, this one accessory can handle anything from a lancero to a super gordo.

Precision-crafted in Germany from high-grade stainless steel, the Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter is available in brushed- or satin-metallic finishes of matte steel, black, rose gold, or brown, and comes with a two-year guarantee. (davidoff.com)

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