21 Ultimate Gifts: Bonbon Voyage

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To connoisseurs of chocolate, quantity is almost as important as quality, and this gift from Neuhaus Chocolate delivers on both counts. You and a guest will fly on a Cessna Citation X jet from the nearest airport to Belgium, home of the 146-year-old chocolatier. During the weeklong visit, you will stay at Château Beloeil, a moated castle that dates to 1680, and enjoy private tours of the René Magritte Museum and the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. In addition, master chef Michel Poumay will prepare a special dinner, followed by a lesson in pairing chocolates with food, wine, and other beverages.

That is all very enticing, of course, but it is secondary to the real reason why chocoholics will embrace this gift. Neuhaus will create four custom chocolates for you, a privilege previously granted only to Belgian royalty. After leading you through a personal tour of the factory, Master Chocolatier Daniel Stellaert will educate you on the fine points of creating great chocolates. Naturally, this will involve sampling the roughly 80 fillings that he employs—soft caramel, vanilla butter crème, marzipan, butterscotch, champagne, chocolate, strawberry, and various liqueurs—to determine which you like best, and whether you prefer them robed in milk, dark, or white chocolate. Equipped with that information, Stellaert will create a quartet of bonbons that matches your tastes. One of the four will be hand-decorated with your initials. 

Souvenirs of the delicious sojourn will arrive at your home once a month, every month, for the rest of your life. The package from Neuhaus will always include a fresh supply of the personalized foursome, delivered in a tin lined with monogrammed fabric and tied with a ribbon. Additional treats will include a truffle-of-the-month tin and a special summertime (May through September) sweet: Neuhaus’ new Snobinettes, which are ice-cream bonbons covered with a dark chocolate shell. Every shipment will be sent via temperature-controlled air freight to prevent melting and ensure freshness. (Click image to enlarge)


Price: $1 million.

Contact: Gita Sweeney, 646.654.3438, GSweeney@nikecomm.com

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