A Decadent New Year’s Treat

In celebration of New Year’s, renowned pastry chef François Payard has created a limited-edition black truffle–chocolate tart featuring rare black truffles that are currently selling for $2.60 per gram. The decadent tart is made with a sable Breton shell sprinkled with dry girolle mushroom powder and topped with a layer of Guanaja dark-chocolate ganache mixed with fresh black-truffle shavings and drizzled with a bit of black-truffle oil then finished with hazelnut nougatine pieces and a hint of fleur de sel. Place your orders early because he’s making only 25 tarts ($85 each and serves eight people) for the New Year’s celebration. Payard said, “The earthiness of the truffles complement the slight, native acidity of the chocolate without overpowering the finished result.” (212.995.0888, ext. 131; www.payard.com)

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