At NYC’s Artesano, Chef Rodrigo Fernandini Conjures Classic Peruvian Cuisine With a Twist

Ceviche, octopus and pisco are all on the menu.

Artesano, a new Peruvian restaurant in Tribeca, is aiming to give diners a taste of South America without the hours-long flight.

Chef Rodrigo Fernandini, whose resume includes Michelin-starred spots in Silicon Valley like Chez TJ and Madera, has crafted a menu that takes you through his home country’s greatest hits, with modern flair à la New York City. With a name that translates to “handcrafted,” Artesano is highlighting the care and attention that goes into each dish, whether it’s ceviche or short ribs.

Classic ceviche Patrick Dolande Gaslonde

To start, diners will have their choice of hot and cold starters. The house ceviche (catch of the day, octopus, fried calamri, aji amarillo tiger’s milk and chulpi corn) is Fernandini’s take on one of Peru’s standout dishes, but he’s also offering a classic version and a vegan option (tofu, cooked and raw fruit and vegetables and cauliflower tiger’s milk). Steak tartare causa, one of the country’s common dishes, is elevated here by sandwiching the tartare between potatoes pressed with aji amarillo paste. Octopus is also served as a hot starter, with lima beans, octopus emulsion and aji amarillo dust, so that you can experience the seafood in more than one way.

As far as mains go, there will always be four proteins: beef, seafood, pork and poultry. But the specific type and preparation will change seasonally. On the opening menu, you’ll find dishes such as Andino beef (short ribs marinated for 48 hours, served with potatoes made four ways, garlic puree and panca sauce) and Amazonian fish with curry, yuca and plantains. To finish, the more adventurous diner might opt for the corn and cheese dessert, which pairs cheese mousse with sweet corn ice cream, chulpi praline and lime gel.

Corn and cheese Patrick Dolande Gaslonde

If you’re more interested in having the restaurant plan your meal, a tasting menu is available for $140. Along with four dishes from the regular menu, you’ll start with an exclusive amuse bouche and finish with a special chilcano (pisco, lime and ginger) before digging into dessert. Drinks, created by Marek Trocha, include libations such as the Berry Twist (pisco, orange liquor, blackberries, cherry bitters and citric acid foam) and the CEO Old Fashioned (chocolate infused bourbon, apricot, black tea, oak smoke and golden chocolate), as well as a $60 pisco cocktail experience.

Artesano is now open Tuesday through Saturday, from 4 to 11 pm, and Sunday until 10 pm.

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