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Watch How a Baker Created This Incredible Baby Yoda Cake

The force is strong with this one.

When the content overlords at Disney launched their new streaming service, they did so amid great fanfare and wall-to-wall promotion. Yet, they held back one little surprise. And we mean little. Disney+ debuted the service with the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series called The Mandalorian. This, as you’d expect, had all the nerds out there on the internet practically convulsing with excitement. But then writer, director and show runner Jon Favreau snuck in a little something that nearly caused the mega-fans’ heads explode: he made one of the shows key characters a Baby Yoda.

Since then memes have gone into overdrive, entertainment writers have furiously spit out think pieces, toy manufacturers have scrambled to figure out how they can capitalize and a very talented young baker in Austin made one of the most incredible cakes you’ll see.

Natalie Sideserf created her eponymous cake studio back in 2013 after she made one that looked like Willie Nelson and it blew up on Reddit. Since then, she’s been baking amazing creations, including her Freddy Krueger, lifelike fruit and Michael Scott from The Office.

In the video above, Sideserf shows the step-by-step process of creating one of her cake sculptures. For her Baby Yoda she begins with stacking four five-inch vanilla cake rounds frosted with buttercream to create the base and then two more smaller rounds to help form the head. At first, it looks pretty unimpressive.

But then she starts working with the molding chocolate, coating the cakes and then sculpting like you would with clay. When you see a really elegant wedding cake or showstopper on Great British Baking Show, many times the artisan is using fondant—a sheet of pliable sugar made with corn syrup and glycerin. Sideserf prefers molding chocolate because it gives her much more control over the tiny details like the furrow of the brow.


On her YouTube channel you can check out some of her other creations and if you’re really impressed, you can order a custom cake from her.

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