In the Black

Those of the opinion that dark chocolate may, in fact, be good for you will be pleased to learn that former Ritz-Carlton pastry chef turned chocolatier Norman Love is launching Black, a new line of premium dark chocolates at his Ft. Myers, Florida, shop. The collection will include five single-origin confections with varied cocoa contents that combine the robust chocolate flavors with sensuous ganache fillings. Love believes that the flavor of single-origin chocolates, like single-vineyard wines, depends on every variable in the bean’s creation: from the soil the cacao is grown in to the exact roasting time. The five selections come from a variety of countries including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Madagascar. However, the most intriguing is the 68 percent Cru Sauvage, the world’s first chocolate made from beans harvested from wild cacao trees growing in the Beni region of northeastern Bolivia. The chocolates come in a 5-piece box for $15, a 10-piece box for $25, and a 15-piece box for $35. (866.515.2121, www.normanloveconfections.com)

Lara Loewenstein

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