Chef David Bouley’s Dinners Bridge Gap between Culinary and Wellness Worlds

The dinner series will feature guest lectures given by leading medical professionals…

Chef David Bouley, who helms two New York City restaurants and two private event spaces, was the chef extraordinaire at the Robb Report Health & Wellness Summit this summer. Bouley’s interactive cooking demonstration explored the intersection between healthy cooking and well-being, mirroring the words to live by emblazoned on his website: “You won’t become a good cook by following a recipe.”

Bouley will continue his focus on healthy living this summer with his fourth consecutive the Chef & the Doctor: Fall Dinner & Lecture Series. From September through November, Bouley will invite nine leading medical professionals to Bouley Botanical for nine separate multicourse dinners and health lectures. The stellar lineup includes Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of Happy Gut; Dr. Dennis Goodman, clinical professor at New York University; and Dr. Frank Lipman, founder and director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center.


Topics will range from diet and health to antiaging and gut health. The meals are meant to bridge the gap between the culinary and medical worlds, and start at $150 per person. (davidbouley.com

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