Curtis Stone’s Maude Will Bring a Taste of Rioja to America

The celebrity chef and team traveled to Spain to find inspiration for Maude's new menu.

Curtis Stone’s Maude is in the midst of a reinvention. The restaurant that the celebrity chef opened in Beverly Hills in 2014 made its mark on the LA food scene with an ambitious concept. It would celebrate a single ingredient each month, incorporating that item into a 10-course tasting menu. One month you could be there eating a menu where plums were in every dish, and the next it would be avocado.

As Maude goes into 2018, that concept is going to change. Like Grant Achatz’s Next in Chicago, the restaurant will select a new theme each quarter and build a menu around that theme. What will be different than Next is that Maude’s themes will all be focused on a wine region somewhere in the world. The restaurant has announced the first region it will highlight is Rioja in Spain and that it is taking reservations now, for the reboot that commences on January 23.


To build the new 10-course tasting menu, Stone and executive chef Justin Hilbert will travel to the wine region to sample the food and culture of the area and then bring it back to Beverly Hills to cook their interpretation. During their recent trip to Rioja, they found ingredients like lamb, game, goat, artichokes, mushrooms, red bell peppers, olive oil, and excellent cheeses. They ate tapas and spoke with winemakers to deepen their appreciation of the regions’ customs and flavors.

When the menu begins in January, tickets will be $125 per person excluding beverages, tax, and tip. And for Rioja, there will be three choices for the wine pairing: Crianza will be an intro to the wines of the region; Reserva will offer pours of more rare bottlings and older vintages; and Gran Reserva will be a collection of rare bottles provided to Maude from the winery.

For those who will miss the restaurant’s old format, there’s still time to experience the original Maude one last time as tickets still remain for December’s black truffle menu, which are on sale for $225 per person through Tock.

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