A Delicious Way to Utilize Day-Old, Left-Over Tortillas

Chef Daniel Eddy of Michelin-starred Rebelle tells us how to make his favorite late-night meal…

Welcome to this edition of Hurried or Hungover, in which we ask chefs to answer our cries for help: What to make when either stressed for time or suffering the dreaded morning-after? Each chef was also tasked to keep it to ingredients most people have in their kitchens, since “Heat up the leftover osso bucco” isn’t an option for most of us.

This round, we have the late-night stylings of one of NYC’s most lauded chefs.Rebelle, on the Bowery, opened less than a year ago and already has its first Michelin star. Chef/Co-owner Daniel Eddy took a few minutes out of his insane schedule to share what he makes when he’s busy—which, due to that sparkly M-star, is basically all the time.

His choice for a quick snack is a dish his mom’s family made him as a kid during visits to her native Nicaragua. It’s called Peor es Nada, which translates cheekily to “Worse is Nothing.”

“We made this all the time in Nicaragua,” Eddy says. “Everyone always has day-old, leftover tortillas there, and I usually do at home too. And, I mean, who doesn’t have an egg and an onion in their fridge?”

After a long night on the line serving NYC diners, Chef Eddy loves this for something quick, delicious, and heavy on the hot sauce.

Dish: Peor es Nada

Best when: Hurried

(Serves 2)

What you need:

6 corn tortillas cut into 6 or 8 triangle slices

1/2 small onion, chopped

3 eggs

2 pats of butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Your favorite hot sauce

How to make it:

Place the butter in a skillet and add the chopped onions. Sweat them over low-medium heat until tender, then remove. Over medium heat, add the tortillas. Season them with salt and pepper, and fry until they are browned and slightly crispy. Beat two eggs, season with salt and pepper, and pour into the pan. Mix them well with the tortillas and onions. Keep stirring consistently until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Transfer the mixture to a plate, splash it all with a healthy dose of hot sauce, and eat immediately.

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