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Robb Recommends: Dominique Ansel’s Christmas Morning Cereal Is the Best Way to Kickstart a Day of Yuletide Celebrations

A decadent treat from the creator of the Cronut.

dominique ansel christmas morning cereal Ph
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Growing up, on Christmas morning I was so excited I struggled to sleep. I’d generally wake up well ahead of my brothers and up to a few hours before my parents had their first cup of coffee in hand, which was the signal we could finally open presents. As I waited for everyone else, I’d stare at the wrapped gifts under the tree while eating a big bowl of cereal I’d poured for myself.

The adult version of me is definitely not the first one up on Christmas morning anymore. However, I do still appreciate a bowl of cereal that holds me over until the holiday brunch is served. And if I could choose any bowl to have, it would be the ridiculously decadent cereal created by the inventor of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel.

Continuing his annual tradition, Ansel is selling his Christmas Morning Cereal again this year. Each carton is packed with puffed rice that’s covered in caramelized milk chocolate and mixed with smoked cinnamon miniature meringues and candied hazelnuts. It’s crunchy and sweet with just the right amount of spice from the cinnamon—a treat worthy of the occasion. Fortunately for those who don’t live in New York, London and Los Angeles where you can pick up a box at one of Ansel’s stores, the cereal is available nationwide online. So order yourself a couple boxes to enjoy by the tree. It’s so rich, you may not even need your Christmas brunch after.

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