Edinburgh’s Taisteal Restaurant Marries Scotland to the World

Taisteal, a new Edinburgh restaurant, leads the way for Scotland’s culinary revolution.

taisteal interior restaurant of dining room

Until recently, Scotland’s larder was best known for haggis and shortbread. In the last decade, however, Edinburgh in particular has come of culinary age, spawning a supercharged dining scene. Taisteal, the newest addition to that landscape, hides its ethos within its name, which is Scots Gaelic for “journey.” Chef Gordon Craig has cooked in a slew of haute British kitchens, including the Michelin three-star Waterside Inn. Not content to merely celebrate the best of local ingredients, which are abundant, Craig mixes in a medley of international accents to produce a jet-setting meal. His glazed pigeon breast comes paired with pistachios and Moroccan couscous. The sweetest Scottish scallops are complemented by earthy cubes of black pudding and a silky robe of satay sauce. The result is a thoughtful, harmonious whole. “My goal,” Craig says, “is to marry Scotland and the world.” We’d most certainly put a ring on it.

taisteal exterior of the restaurant

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