A Japanese Company is Selling a $2,600 Wagyu Beef-Filled Bento Box

Enjoy nearly 9 lbs. of premium steak in a cow-shaped box.

wagyu beef wood bento box Photo: courtesy Gochikuru

Toward the southern end of Japan, tucked into the Tottori prefecture, a breed of black cattle has become famous worldwide for its fatty, delicious meat. Although “wagyu” directly translated just means “Japanese cow,” the intensely marbled—and quite expensivesteak in the culinary world’s popular imagination comes, in part, from the cattle grazing in this area of the country. And when Japanese black cattle were brought to the United States to crossbreed with Stateside angus stock create America Wagyu Kobe style beef, they came from the Tottori prefecture. This is the good stuff.

So in what could be seen as a special ode to this region’s delicious beef, or just an over-the-top exercise in gluttony, the Japanese food delivery company Gochikuru has created a cow-shaped bento box filled with nearly 9 lbs. of Tottori wagyu. After tax, the bento will set you back around $2,600.

As if playing a delicious game of Operation, buyers can gather around the box to pluck cuts of beef from the corresponding section of the cow’s body. Prime rib, sirloin, brisket, tongue, and more are perched atop sticky rice sourced from the same prefecture and served alongside raw wasabi, lime, and yakiniku sauce, which is made from Asian pear.

The total weight of the handcrafted wood box and the food is around 33 lbs., a far cry from your normal bento box lunch of a nice salad, some rice, tempura, and a main dish. But for nearly three grand, this box shouldn’t be any old Lunchable.

wagyu beef sticky rice

Wagyu beef and sticky rice.  Photo: courtesy Gochikuru


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