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Franklin Barbecue Will Now Ship Its Coveted Brisket Right to Your Door

Each order includes five pounds of antibiotic-free Black Angus beef.

The contents of Franklin Barbecue's mail-order brisket package Goldbelly

The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted dining in ways few saw coming. Many restaurants have had to shut their doors at least temporarily, often only opening at reduced capacity, while long-distance food adventures are basically out of the question for the time being. That’s led to some of the country’s best barbecue joints to start shipping their finest meats nationwide, and now world famous Franklin Barbecue is joining them.

Legendary pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s eponymous Austin, Texas barbecue destination is teaming up with Goldbelly to send its beloved brisket anywhere in the US. And we’re not talking a small serving of the dish, either, as you’ll get five pounds worth of beef when you order it through the latter’s website.

While Franklin recently walked Robb Report readers through making their own brisket, this mail-order option is perfect for those short of time or looking for something straight from the restaurant. Each order includes a whole brisket, which is approximately five pounds of fatty, antibiotic-free Black Angus beef, and a 15-oz. bottle of Texas barbecue sauce. The cooked slab arrives vacuum sealed so it can be frozen for three months or refrigerated for 10 days. All you’ll need to do is reheat it (either sous vide or in the oven) and slice. The brisket should be more than enough to feed eight people, even if you’re divvying out servings as large as a half-pound each.

A cut of Franklin Barbecue's brisket

A cut of Franklin Barbecue’s brisket.  Goldbelly


“At Franklin Barbecue, we’ve been humbled for years by praise that’ll make you blush. Honors, awards, and even a few nice things posted on the internet—we’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of lots of kind words,” the restaurant says on the Goldbelly website. “They’re neat and all, but what really gets us going—what really keeps us tending to the pits all night long—is the obsessive dedication to our very next customer. We take pride in giving our very best, every single day, to make sure every person who eats Franklin Barbecue is filled with happiness and satisfaction.”

If you have a hankering for some of Franklin’s brisket, prepare to spend big. The five-pound slab of beef will set you back $249, which is much more than its normal $25-per-pound price even with free shipping. But considering that this is a dish people are willing to wait ours in line for, it seems well worth it to us.

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