Front Runners July 2015: Dream Creamery

Nancy’s Fancy premium line of gelato and sorbetto is being introduced across the country this summer...

Photo by Brad Torum

Nancy Silverton, the James Beard Award–winning chef and founder of La Brea Bakery, started her career as a pastry chef, making ice cream one quart at a time at Michael’s in Santa Monica. Now she is churning out bigger batches. Nancy’s Fancy ($11 a pint, nancysfancy.com), her premium line of gelato and sorbetto, is being introduced across the country this summer, with flavors based on the desserts at Silverton’s Los Angeles restaurant, Mozza. Silverton’s famous butterscotch budino has been transformed into velvety gelato with a salty caramel swirl. Coconut stracciatella, a creamy coconut sorbetto, is churned with pure Cordillera chocolate—the premium Colombian bittersweet she uses at Mozza—and the spiced coffee gelato begins with none other than Stumptown cold brew. As at the restaurant, new flavors will be added seasonally. 

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