Front Runners July 2015: Prête-a-Party

Around the country, caviar service is kicking up its heels...

Photo by Peter Grigsby

Around the country, caviar service is kicking up its heels.

Los Angeles  Kolikof Caviar & Salmon’s new service, Caviar on Location (from $3,500, kolikof.com), creates custom caviar bars with an array of eight roes displayed on ice (shown), a surfboard, or whatever might fit the theme. The caviar is served by specialists and accompanied with crème fraîche and Faroe Islands smoked salmon.  

Miami  Up to six aficionados can buy out the new Caviar Russe boutique (from $5,000, caviarrusse.com) in the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower for an hour-long tasting party of 15 caviars paired with blini, foie gras, and Champagne.


New York City  The Petrossian Caviar Girl ($3,000 to $20,000, petrossian.com) may be outfitted like a 1940s cigarette vendor, though in this case her tray contains a selection of fine caviar. The “girl,” Mackenzie Jones, circulates at events, dishing out morsels of connoisseurship. “People don’t always know how to taste caviar,” Jones says. “It’s actually quite a process.”  

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