Front Runners November 2015: Bonbon, Brazil

Photo by Cordero Studios/corderostudios.com

As chocolaty as a truffle yet more tender and delicate, the Brazilian brigadeiro seems destined to steal cupcake-loving hearts in the United States. Originally created to promote Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes’s presidential campaign in the 1940s, the candy was a hit with Brazilians (even if the candidate was not) and is now ever-present during celebrations there. Recently, artisanal versions made with Belgian or French chocolate instead of the traditional cocoa powder have begun to appear in North America. For example, Brigadeiro & Co. (brigadeiroandco.com, shown), in Burbank, Calif., offers variations such as the casadinho, or “perfect little match”—a pairing of dark and white chocolate. Other purveyors include My Sweet Brigadeiro (mysweet.com) in Manhattan and Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros (omgbrigadeiros.com) in Miami, where choices include bright candies that conceal an orange, Nutella, or chocolate center. All ship nationally for $6 to $200 per box.  

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