Front Runners November 2015: Bonbon, Brazil

As chocolaty as a truffle yet more tender and delicate, the Brazilian brigadeiro seems destined to steal cupcake-loving hearts in the United States. Originally created to promote Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes’s presidential campaign in the 1940s, the candy was a hit with Brazilians (even if the candidate was not) and is now ever-present during celebrations there. Recently, artisanal versions made with Belgian or French chocolate instead of the traditional cocoa powder have begun to appear in North America. For example, Brigadeiro & Co. (, shown), in Burbank, Calif., offers variations such as the casadinho, or “perfect little match”—a pairing of dark and white chocolate. Other purveyors include My Sweet Brigadeiro ( in Manhattan and Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros ( in Miami, where choices include bright candies that conceal an orange, Nutella, or chocolate center. All ship nationally for $6 to $200 per box.  

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