Front Runners November 2015: Rare Opportunity

For more than 50 years, Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions of Inglewood, Calif., has supplied acclaimed restaurants in Southern California, including Bestia, Gjelina, Petrossian, and Redbird (shown). Now Debbie Rocker, a second-generation member of the family, is offering the same extraordinary beef, lamb, and chicken to ardent carnivores around the country with Rare Gourmet Meats (raregourmetmeats.com). All of Rare’s meat is sustainably raised in Colorado and California. Cattle are fed on grass and hay and then finished on whole grains, allowing the meat to slowly develop rich flavor and marbling. Rare will custom dry-age beef for clients up to 50 days, though most cuts are dry-aged for 2 to 4 weeks, until they reach what Rocker calls a “perfect state”—meat and fat married into a single complex, beefy flavor yet still moist enough to remain juicy after cooking. Two such perfect 34-ounce prime porterhouse steaks sell for $255.

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