FrontRunners: All in a Roe

Specialty foods purveyor Petrossian (www.petrossian.com), which has nearly a century of experience in the caviar trade, introduced in November two versatile variations on its coveted roe. Made from 100 percent sturgeon caviar, Petrossian Caviar Powder ($88 for a 30-gram bottle) can be served as whole, dried beads or ground with the bottle’s built-in mill and used as a seasoning. Caviar Papierusse ($49 for a 4-by-4-inch square) is a pressed sheet of caviar that can be used similarly to sushi nori. Giselle Wellman—the head chef at Petrossian’s restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif.—is already incorporating the ingredients into her menu, which includes smoked salmon cubes dusted with caviar powder and a canapé of brioche topped with a poached egg yolk and a square of Papierusse.

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