FrontRunners: Decadence with a Wink

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BONBONS! They are back and more delectable than ever. With help from Chicago’s distinguished chocolatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Swanson Vineyards (707.967.3500, www.swansonvineyards.com) of Napa Valley has created a dark chocolate morsel to pair impeccably with its highly acclaimed 1999 Alexis, a Cabernet Sauvignon–based blend. The result is an ambrosial delight perfectly suited for St. Valentine’s Day.

Beneath its Belgian chocolate shell is a devilish fusion of creamy cacao and Cabernet Sauvignon. In the spirit of mystique, indulgence, and just pure fun, these tempting little treats are sprinkled with a curious spice that will leave you and your mate intrigued. That hint of flavor working its magic on your palate is curry, and when mixed with the taste of wine and chocolate, it becomes an experience to be savored.

Swanson’s Alexis and bonbons are available in a playfully

designed gift package that is priced at $80.

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