FrontRunners: El Circo

Mexico City may seem like an unlikely place for the ringmaster of Le Cirque to stage the follow-up to his thriving Man– hattan and Las Vegas locations. However, Le Cirque founder Sirio Maccioni determined that Mexico’s metropolitan capital—far from the bustling energy of Madison Avenue and the garish lights of the Las Vegas strip—would be the ideal place for his latest restaurant. “The people in Mexico are the best,” Maccioni says. “They want the best of everything.” And the new Le Cirque Mexico City (+52.55.52. 63.8881, www.lecirque.com), which officially opened in June at the Camino Real Hotel, certainly aims to deliver the best by offering a premier dining experience at an exclusive and elegant destination. The lavish restaurant was designed by Adam D. Tihany, who created a vibrant yet sophisticated Le Cirque by combining lively and contemporary interiors with a more restrained and historic stateliness. The main dining area is divided into a bar and private dining rooms by an undulating metal wall that pays homage to the city’s historical stone walls. “It’s very important that you know you are in Mexico, not Vermont,” says Tihany, who also designed Le Cirque’s New York and Las Vegas restaurants. “It’s a process of adaptation. What translates into luxury in New York and Las Vegas is not exactly the same as what is luxurious in Mexico.” Offering an innovative selection of French and Italian dishes, as well as one of Mexico City’s largest wine menus, Le Cirque is the perfect south-of-the-border companion to the acclaimed dining establishments.

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