FrontRunners: Mega Fortune

Imagine a fortune cookie, smothered in chocolate, caramel, toffee, or nuts, that weighs in at just under one pound and measures more than half a foot across. Karen Belasco Staitman did just that—and built a multimillion-dollar gourmet cookie company around the delectable confection.


Good Fortunes (800.644. 9474, www.goodfortunes.com), which Staitman founded in Los Angeles in 1995, grew out of another entrepreneurial venture, the Wish List, a business offering customized parties, songs, and fortune cookies. Although the start-up was not successful, the cookies were. So Staitman narrowed her focus and was soon making cookies in a bakery at night and shipping them by day, with the help of her future husband, Steven.  

These hand-dipped and decorated cookies include a personalized message up to 10 lines long, enabling you to deliver a thoughtful and tasteful birthday or Valentine’s Day greeting. 


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