FrontRunners: Tasteful Architecture

The culinary elves at Eleni’s (212.255.7990, www.elenis.com), a gourmet Manhattan bakery, will not bake you an ordinary gingerbread house this holiday season—that is, unless you happen to live in an ordinary house. They will create a custom gingerbread house that is an exact confectionery replica of your house by blending their skills in baking and in architectural design. Using photos of your house as guidelines, Eleni’s artists can include details such as ivy-covered walls or swimming pools, crafting them in sugarplums, spice drops, nonpareil buttons, and lollipops. Each house is constructed on an 18-by-24-inch base. The bespoke gingerbread houses are priced from $4,000 to $6,000 and require four to six weeks to complete. The wait will be worth it—there is no place like home sweet home.

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