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7 Outstanding Bakeries That Will Ship Their Bread Right to Your Door

You gave up on that sourdough starter long ago anyway.

la farm bread courtesy La Farm

In French, to say you’re tired of an experience, you might say “long comme un jour sans pain,” or “as long as a day without bread.” In many places around the world, bread is both literal nourishment and a symbol of well-being, community, and home. Though Pullman loaves, burger buns and rolls are readily available at grocery stores across the U.S., good, hearty bread can be hard to find unless you live near a bakery. Fortunately, some of the country’s best bakeries ship their bread nationwide. 

Consider a shipment of whole-grain, naturally leavened bread an investment in your future comfort. All of the bakeries listed below pack their loaves in plastic to preserve freshness; if you find that you’ve ordered too much, bread freezes very well. To make your home smell like fresh bread, consider giving a loaf a quick crisping in a hot oven. (Refer to the specific instructions in each shipment, as they vary from bakery to bakery.) Then, toast a few slices for breakfast with butter and jam, make a sandwich out of a loaf for lunch, and serve a few slices with dinner, perhaps rubbed with a bit of garlic and olive oil. If you can, evoke the etymology of the word companion—which comes from the Latin for “with bread”—and share a large loaf with friends or family.

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