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10 Killer Gifts for the Steak Lover in Your Life

From amazing wagyu to dry-aged flights, the best beef you can give—and the products that make it better.

grilled tomahawk steak salsa verde Franklin Photo: courtesy Wyatt McSpadden

Vegans avert your eyes. This is not a gift guide for you. This is for all the carnivores out there hoping to give or get the absolute best steaks and accoutrements around. We’ve gathered some of the top beef purveyors in the country to explore the world of dry-aging, grass-fed beef, wagyu and more.

The ultimate beef deserves the right tools to bring out its best qualities. We’ve been testing products and reading books to discover the pan, grill, cookbook and even the finishing salts that any self-respecting steak aficionado needs. And for the ultimate steak fans among us, we’re offering an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan, to experience the rarest beef in the world. Here are the gifts for the steak lovers in your life.

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