The 15 Best Gifts for Meat Lovers, From Steak Knives to Rare Cuts and Beyond

Where's the beef? Right here.

grilled tomahawk steak salsa verde Franklin Photo: courtesy Wyatt McSpadden

Vegans avert your eyes. This is not a gift guide for you. This is for all the carnivores out there hoping to give or get the most outstanding steaks and accoutrements around—from exceptional ribeyes to ultra-sharp steak knives.

We’ve gathered some of the top beef purveyors in the country to explore the world of dry-aging, grass-fed beef, wagyu and more. We also believe the ultimate beef deserves the right tools to bring out its best qualities. We’ve been tasting and testing the very best to discover the producers, pan, grill, blades, cookbook and even finishing salts that any self-respecting steak aficionado needs.

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