Here’s How to Throw a 4-Course Dinner Party This Holiday Season

For the ultimate Roaring '20s redux, look to the opulent menus of the past.

Delilah Supper Club Adam Friedlander

Yesteryear had a certain swagger. While a kind of Nordic restraint permeated dining for the last decade, many leading restaurants in the past brought a sense of grandeur to eating out, with supper clubs adding a dose of revelry to that feeling. They truly had their heyday after Prohibition ended, but the seeds were sewn in the 1920s as haunts like the original 21 Club and Stork Club welcomed diners for big nights out. And now in the 2020s that convivial vibe returns, and the supper club is thriving again.

Delilah in Las Vegas, the Sin City cousin to John Terzian’s and Brian Toll’s original West Hollywood restaurant, represents the new generation of supper club at its most sumptuous. The team from the Wynn along with Terzian and Toll’s H.Wood Group have leaned into 1920s design while creating a menu filled with continental classics that get a modern update from executive chef Joshua Smith. One of Vegas’ most respected chefs, Smith cooked at top restaurants like L2O in Chicago and Church & State in LA before heading to the Strip and eventually opening Delilah this year.

This holiday season, you may be ready to throw an extravagant dinner party yourself, so who better to look to for guidance than Smith, who leads one five nights a week. The chef prepared a multicourse menu of show-stopping food to inspire your soiree, while giving tips to foster a social atmosphere. And we tapped Delilah’s wine director, Cristie Norman—formerly the sommelier at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in Beverly Hills—to pair bottles with each course, so the wine at your party is as exciting as the food.

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