Gelinaz Organizes an Epic International Chef Swap

Placed in different kitchens, chefs will create eight-course menus inspired by local cuisine…

This summer, acclaimed chefs from around the globe will swap restaurants to create one-of-a-kind dinners in a unique and innovative culinary experiment sure to dispel the notion that there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. Thirty-seven of the world’s most talented culinary masterminds—from Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Peru, Canada, Belgium, the United States, and a slew of other countries—will participate in the Grand Gelinaz Shuffle on July 9.

After learning in which country and kitchen they will be cooking, the chefs will arrive three days before the event to immerse themselves in the local culture, their host restaurant’s style, and regional cuisine, taking time to experiment before they create an original eight-course menu, using local ingredients and cooking practices. No judges nor voting systems here, as the event—orchestrated by the food writer Andrea Petrini and the film producer Alexandra Swenden (who are the creative directors of Gelinaz)—was designed simply to help chefs explore their individuality within unpredictable situations, forge meaningful collaborations with their industry peers, and push the boundaries of their creativity.


Culinary connoisseurs of all ages can purchase tickets to a restaurant in a city near them to partake in this fusion of superb flavor and unparalleled cooking prowess. Reservations can be made on the Gelinaz website. (gelinaz.com)

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