22 Hearty Gifts for the Steak Lover on Your Holiday Shopping List

From steak knives to cookbooks and rare cuts of beef, we've got everything a carnivore needs.

Holy Grail Upper Prime Porterhouse Holy Grail Steak Co.

Steak is such a great gift, especially for the person who has everything. If you bought someone a watch or a tie last year, they still have those things. If you gave them beef? They’ve eaten it and they’re ready for more.

So we’ve gathered some of the top beef purveyors in the country—and New Zealand too—to explore the world of dry-aging, grass-fed beef, wagyu and more. We didn’t stop there though. We also believe the ultimate meat deserves the right tools to bring out its best qualities. We’ve been tasting and testing the very best to discover the best gifts for steak lovers, including cuts from producers, pans, blades, cookbooks and even finishing salts that any self-respecting meat-eater needs.

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Meat N’ Bone Dry-Aged Ribeye

Meat N' Bone Dry Aged Ribeye

Jeremy Repanich

For the longest time, the hardest part of the steakhouse experience to replicate at home was to experience that deep, umami-packed, beefy flavor of dry-aged steak. An artisanal butcher in your city may have some selections, but they usually wouldn’t age for that long. And aging at home? That’s not so easy or safe without the right equipment. But online purveyors have filled the void with amazing selections. One of the best comes from the company Meat N’ Bone. Its thick cowboy ribeye is aged for more than 45 days, giving it an amazing depth of flavor like you’d get at your favorite steakhouse. And though the company takes pride in advertising the level of funk in this meat, it doesn’t suffer from having a muddled or off flavor like some aged beef has, showing they took some care in the aging process.

Buy Now: $84

Kilne Steak Knife Set

Kilne Steak knives

Photo: courtesy Kilne

These five-inch serrated steak knives make easy work of any meat you’re eating. Crafted by the direct-to-consumer brand Kilne, this set give you high-quality blades at a great value. The stainless-steel, hand-forged knife has a full tang, meaning that in your hand it’s sturdy and balanced, with the ergonomic handle making it especially comfortable to wield. What’s even handier is that the knives come with their own blocks, which are magnetic and easy to tuck out of the way while still protecting the blades.

Buy Now: $165

Napoleon Prestige Pro 825

Napoleon Prestige Pro 825


Sure, your grill can cook. But can it put on a light show? While not the most impressive feature of Napoleon’s Prestige Pro 825, its light-up control knobs are certainly the most fun: Outfitted with LED Spectrum lights, they can glow in practically any color and cycle through the rainbow on their own. As a bonus safety feature, they will switch to red if you accidentally leave the gas on. The Prestige Pro 825 can run on propane or natural gas, includes scorching-hot infrared burners on the bottom and rear, and a side burner, totaling 1,430 square inches of cooking space. That’s enough space to cook 51 burgers at the same time. An integrated wood chips smoker tray is camouflaged as a control knob, and slides out so you can fill it with chips and add just a hint of smoky flavor to your meal, without having to fill your yard with smog.

Buy Now: $4,199

Crowd Cow Ultimate Japanese Wagyu Surf & Turf

crowd cow alaska king crab a5 wagyu ny strip steak

This company was originally founded on the idea of crowdsourcing beef, where a group of buyers on the internet could join together to procure a premium head of cattle and a great price, then call dibs on the part they wanted until it was gone. Crowd Cow has branched out a little more than that these days, become one of the top importers of A5 in America, selling a wide variety of cuts and different breeds from around Japan. The company’s A5 Wagyu NY Strip is one of the most decadent, deeply marbled, delicious pieces of meat you’ll ever eat. A true treat for steak lovers. And this holiday season they’re pairing it with Alaskan king crab legs for the ultimate surf and turf.

Buy Now: $286

Yeti V Stainless Steel Cooler

Yeti V Stainless Steel Cooler

Photo: courtesy Sarah Frankie Linder

It’s strange to say that a cooler could be a flex, but this handsome stainless steel one from Yeti sure feels like one. With the Yeti V you’ll impress your friends with the old-school design and stainless-steel exterior, but you still get all the rugged construction and superior engineering that would put your dad’s cooler to shame. Yeti’s vacuum insulation in its products from coffee cups to coolers makes them perform impeccably, giving you a handsome and effective companion to your next backyard barbecue or beachside cookout.

Buy Now: $800

Vermont Wagyu Ribeye

Vermont Wagyu Ribeye

Vermont Wagyu

Most American-raised Wagyu beef is a cross-breed of Japanese cattle and Black Angus. At a farm in Vermont, Sheila Patinkin rears and raises fullblood Japanese not far from where she grew up. The difference between American and Japanese beef isn’t merely semantics. The Japanese cattle is genetically different from its Stateside counterpart because it creates fat on the inside of the muscle tissue, making the fan more evenly distributed through the meat and not just in a fat cap. Vermont is selling A5-levels of fattiness, but its steaks are still remarkably rich and tender nonetheless with subtle, buttery notes to the fat in the meat.

Buy Now: $69+

Steak Locker Smart Dry Aging Refrigerator

Steak Locker Smart Dry Aging Refrigerator

Photo: courtesy BBQ Guys

With dry aging steak, the problem people run into is that they don’t realize the home fridge doesn’t really work, for a couple reasons. You want your dry-aging fridge to have a more consistent temperature and air flow than your home fridge offers. Also, you don’t want anything else in the fridge, because over time the steak will start absorbing the flavors of the other food inside the old icebox with it. So when the steak actually has time to undergo the enzymatic reaction that makes dry-aged steak so delicious, it will start to have a muddled, stale flavor because of what it has absorbed in the ol’ icebox. However, this Steak Locker solves those problems with a dedicated dry-aging chamber that keeps the temperature and humidity at a constant level, for safe and effective aging.

Buy Now: $1,699

ThermoWorks Thermapen One

Thermoworks Thermapen One instant read digital thermometer

Photo: courtesy ThermoWorks

Don’t leave that steak to guess work. If you’re going to plop down a few hundred bucks on some amazing, thick-cut tomahawks, you want to get that cook just right. When you’re really seasoned, your fingers can do a lot of work to help you test for doneness, but this digital instant-read thermometer is even better. I use it when I’m reverse-searing a thick steak and letting it come up to temp in the oven before getting a hard sear on the outside. The Thermapen lets me pull the steak right on time so I get the perfect doneness with every steak.

Buy Now: $105

Holy Grail Upper Prime Porterhouse

Holy Grail Upper Prime Porterhouse

Holy Grail Steak Co.

One of America’s premier Japanese A5 Wagyu purveyors is also an excellent place to buy Angus beef and American Wagyu too. Holy Grail’s Upper Prime program curates only the best of the best Prime beef—only around 1,000 head of cattle per year meet the criteria—offering steaks with the outstanding fat marbling that provides optimal flavor and tenderness. This steakhouse-quality beef comes in a variety of cuts, but for those who like both NY strips and filet mignons, they don’t have to choose: Get the porterhouse, a 24 oz. beast of a steak for two.

Buy Now: $69

Fire Magic

Fire Magic

Fire Magic

A watched pot never boils, and a grill hood that keeps getting opened never cooks. Fire Magic has solved the problem of the impatient grill master with its Magic View Window, a heat-resistant pane of ceramic glass built right into the hood. The transparent opening gives you an inside look at everything going on in there, so you don’t have to lose valuable heat opening and closing the lid. The window is even designed to allow natural air flow to pass under it, pushing smoke, grease and vision-blocking build-up away from your peephole. The only drawback? You have nothing to blame for under- or over-cooked meats again.

Buy Now: $8,352

Steelport Chef’s Knife

Steelport Chef Knife

Photo: courtesy Steelport Knife Co.

The balance, feel, aesthetics and sharpness would make you think this blade cost twice as much as it actually does. Steelport Knife Co. was founded by Portland, Ore.-based Eytan Zias, a chef turned knife sharpener and purveyor who started forging blades last decade. In 2020, he decided to create his own line of knives, and this past March the company released its first batch of blades, with the eight-inch as the star of the show. Out of the box, it may feel a little heavier than those accustomed to Japanese chef’s knives, but it’s so balanced and precise, once you start using it, that weight becomes a nonissue. It’s even an asset when cutting through harder vegetables, giving you a little more power in your cutting. It’s an outstanding knife.

Buy Now: $400

Cote Butcher’s Feast

steak grill ribeye korean bbq

Photo: courtesy Goldbelly

One of America’s best steakhouses didn’t just do takeout during the pandemic, they also linked up with Goldbelly to ship their signature Butcher’s Feast around the country. While you can dine in again at Cote NYC or the new Cote Miami, there’s still a great reason to ship the Butcher’s Feast around the country as a gift. The kit comes with a selection of David Shim’s pickles and addictive ssamjang sauce along with an assortment of cuts of beef that include a 45-day-aged prime ribeye from the restaurant’s own aging room.

Buy Now: $259

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ


Down in Charleston, S.C., pitmaster Rodney Scott is making whole-hog barbecue that’s so good, he won a James Beard Award as the South’s best chef in 2018. In his debut cookbook he’s partnered with acclaimed writer Lolis Eric Elie to share his secrets for better low-and-slow as well as must-have sides—like cornbread with honey butter and macaroni and cheese—and also shares recipes for backyard grilling, all while weaving in personal stories and the histories of Southern foodways.

Buy Now: $24

Rastelli’s Private Stock Prime Rib Roast

prime rib roast whole

Photo: courtesy Rastelli's

For more than 40 years, Ray Rastelli, Jr. has been in the business of meat. In 1976 he built a butcher shop in New Jersey that he and his brother expanded to multiple locations. Now you can order their steak online in the form of subscription boxes or one-off sets. All their beef is antibiotic, steroid- and hormone-free. Feed the whole crew with this stunning, wet-aged, five-lb. prime rib roast.

Buy Now: $199

Shun Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Shun Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Sur La Table

Chefs like James Beard Award winner Alon Shaya are big fans of Shun elegant and effective kitchen knives. The Japanese company has brought that same level of quality to its steak knives. This four-piece set boasts 34-layer Damascus steel forged blades. Old school Japanese craft meets a sleek, modern design.

Buy Now: $476 $320

First Light Grass-Fed Wagyu

grass-fed wagyu beef

First Light

For Americans to get their hands on the outstanding beef from New Zealand’s First Light, they had to belong to the company’s exclusive steak club. Thankfully, the company has recently rolled out a retail operation, selling its grass-fed Wagyu in multiple states and online at Thrive Market. What makes First Light special is how the ranch has crossbred Japanese Wagyu to create the deep beefy flavor of grass-fed steak, with the beautiful marbling of grain-finished beef. Thrive sells three collections of First Light, with the most premium of the sets featuring filets, ribeyes, New York strips and top sirloin.

Buy Now: $210

Pat Lafrieda Dry-Aged Tomahawks

pat lafrieda tomahawk beef


When it comes to steak, we generally have a policy that Angie Mar is right. The chef behind New York’s Beatrice Inn and author of the book Butcher+Beast uses Pat LaFrieda steak in her restaurant and will accept no substitutions. Right now the beloved butcher is offering a pair featuring a 2-inch-thick, dry-aged USDA Prime black angus tomahawks.

Buy Now: $218

Hestan Outdoor

Hestan Grill


Hestan has flipped the traditional grill on its head: Its Outdoor grills have a ceramic, infrared top burner under the hood. With heat sources below and above, you can sear, broil and finish your meats like a professional kitchen does under a salamander. The hood has spring-assisted hinges that keep it in place, whatever angle you open it at, and motion-activated “stadium lights” illuminate the cooking area for late-night or early-morning grilling sessions. And all of the grills—built in, freestanding or carts—are available in 12 colors, bringing a splash of brightness to the typical stainless-steel finish.

Buy Now: $10,936

DeBragga Australian Wagyu Tenderloin

Australian Wagyu Tenderloin


No, this isn’t a still from the 1990 Kevin Bacon sci-fi classic Tremors. This is 3.5 lbs. of Australian wagyu beef tenderloin from the premium meat purveyor DeBragga. Slice it into your own desired thickness of filet mignon, wrap it in pastry for a winning Beef Wellington or perhaps even roast it whole, it’ll be hard to go wrong with tenderloin that’s this richly marbled. But to up the umami factor even more, DeBragga is adding truffle butter and glace de viande veal stock to the meat too.

Buy Now: $475

Smithey No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet

smithey cast iron skillet

Smith Ironware Co.

Unless you’ve migrated to sunnier climes, your grill will likely begin its winter hibernation soon. That doesn’t mean the steak should stop. And, actually, even when grilling season is upon us, cooking in cast iron is the best way to go to ensure a hard sear and delicious crust on your steak. Since 2015, Smithey Ironware in Charleston, SC has been crafting beautiful, polished cast iron pans. This 12-inch skillet features durability, even heating across the surface and a vintage flair.

Buy Now: $200

Francis Mallmann Argentinian Asado Feast

Francis Mallmann Argentinian Asado Feast


Ever since Francis Mallmann appeared on the first season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table his life has changed. That episode resonated with people as it showed the Argentine chef throwing off the strictures of European gastronomy to focus on cooking with fire. Though your dad would be absolutely thrilled if you managed to get Mallmann to show up to cook, that’s probably not likely. However, you can now get everything he would serve you if he did make the trip. The Asado feast includes flank steaks, short ribs, ribeyes, sides, sauces like chimichurri and more.

Buy Now: $449

Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Flake Sea Salt

Jacobsen Pure Flake Sea Salt

Williams Sonoma

You’ve tempered your steak, seared it perfectly to medium-rare, let it rest just the right amount of time, sliced it on the bias and now you’re ready to serve, right? No. You’ve taken so much care to this point, you might as well end strong with the right finishing salt. Jacobsen’s hand-harvest flakes from Netarts Bay, Oregon will provide a clean, crunchy touch that will heighten the flavors of meat without overwhelming it with salt.

Buy Now: $15

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