How to Enjoy Wagyu Steaks (with Help from Chef Hugh Acheson)

Here’s how to get the steaks top chefs use in their restaurants at home.

wagyu filet mignon steaks with cast iron pan and sea salt Photo: courtesy Snake River Farms

There’s little debate that wagyu is among the best cuts of beef you can get. These small handfuls of the Japanese cattle breed produce steaks with dense marbling, a rich mouthfeel, and exceptional flavor. But wagyu doesn’t strictly come from Japan. Back in the 1970s, American farmers imported Japanese cattle to raise them stateside. You won’t usually find wagyu in your grocery aisle, but now you can bring it home nonetheless.

A supplier of American wagyu beef to top chefs around the country, Snake River Farms has partnered with acclaimed Georgia chef Hugh Acheson to offer a curated selection of steaks for the home gourmand. Hugh Acheson’s Curated Steak Box ($199) comes with four 6-ounce wagyu filet mignons as well as Acheson’s tools of the trade: flaked sea salt, a Lodge cast-iron skillet, and a spoon for basting the juicy sear to perfection.

Once you have your delicious steaks in hand, you will certainly want to make sure you prepare them right. In the video Acheson shot with Snake River Farms, he demonstrates the best method for cooking steaks perfectly. Although the marbling of fat in wagyu is amazing, chefs can never resist adding butter to a dish. Here, Acheson infuses the steak with fresh herbs by basting it with a generous helping of butter. That nuttiness of the browned butter combined with the richness of the steak and the earthiness of the herbs make for the perfect flavor profile.


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