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Kolikof Caviar & Salmon Now Offers Unique Caviar Presentations Customized for Special Events

Kolikof Caviar & Salmon is pleased to introduce caviar on location, a bespoke catered caviar experience that has quickly become a must-have party trend. In addition to gift baskets and other fine food products sold online, Kolikof is now offering these creative caviar displays to fit with any upcoming summer soirees – including weddings, anniversaries, social gatherings, or other celebrations at which a luxe twist is desired.

The displays are completely customizable, offering a wide range of caviar choices and a beautiful ice sculpture that can be specialized for any occasion. Dedicated caviar professionals remain on hand to host the caviar bar and answer any questions individuals may have. One of the more popular presentations is Kolikof’s caviar in the surf, featuring four types of caviar and vintage champagne bottles of your choice laid out upon an ornately designed surfboard.

 “We recognized a high demand for caviar presentations at parties; our caviar displays are the answer to that demand” notes Jim Miller, founder and owner of Kolikof Caviar & Salmon.

Pricing begins at $3,500, and is subject to change according to caviar types, group size, and presentation features.

Kolikof Caviar & Salmon provides perfect specialty items for personal or professional gift giving, and can be ordered online at: www.kolikof.com. Kolikof also accommodates hospitality industry orders.

Please contact Victoria King Public Relations (info@vkpr.com) for additional information. 


About Kolikof Caviar & Salmon

Kolikof Caviar & Salmon Company is a purveyor of exquisite caviar and fine foods, based in Los Angeles, offering a refined assortment of caviar and smoked salmon. The Kolikof family trace their roots to the Russian seaside city of Baku, perched on the shores of the Caspian Sea. During the golden age of caviar when native sturgeon swam wild in these waters, Baku was considered the heart of the caviar world.  As overfishing led to near extinction and production was moved to aqua farms, the quality of caviar suffered greatly. Determined to reestablish the tradition of their ancestors, the Kolikof family painstakingly locates and selects the highest quality and best tasting caviars and smoked salmon available. All caviar and salmon are sourced from renewable farms located in select Balkan countries, Europe, Israel, and the US. Kolikof epicurean products are simply the finest this world has to offer.

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