Komodo Kamado 23-Inch Ultimate Grill-Smoker

WHAT: Precision-engineered ceramic grill/smoker/oven 

WHY: A grill that sears and smolders

Whether smoking a brisket, grilling a steak, or baking a pizza, the highly engineered yet traditionally designed Komodo Kamado 23-inch Ultimate (starting at $4,260) will do the trick, and do it well. The brand’s flagship design has been refined to perfection; it currently weighs in at 548 pounds and offers 978 square inches of total grill area. With its glazed pot, a latch trigger that opens and closes with barely a touch, and three layers of insulation, the Komodo Kamado 23-inch Ultimate will burn 16 pounds of charcoal for 85 hours at 235 degrees, giving a steady roast to whatever is inside. Choose from six models with 19 ceramic tiling options. Grill owners also will discover a world of accessories (think: side tables, rotisserie cradles, charcoal baskets).



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